"Inside Out" is an ongoing series of works on canvas that is an intuitive exploration of my own art-making process. By reusing my old canvases to create new mixed media pieces, I remove the planning part of the process and replace it with something more spontaneous. There are no sketched ideas or planned ending points. I use materials such as ink, alcohol, and paint to create implied organic movements through the space that travel beyond the edge of the canvas. The use of alcohol allows me to deconstruct and or erase layers as I work by pouring, dripping, and spraying it directly onto the canvas. Each layer elicits an unspoken emotion from within myself that is expressed through the line, color, and pattern that is built up as I work. The process itself has transformed my mark making into something that is very fluid, responsive, and that becomes more deliberate and precise the longer I work on a piece. All while setting aside the constraints of creating art that looks like something. My ultimate goal is to create pieces that the viewer can connect with emotionally and that convey a sense of time, space, and most of all, movement.

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